Providing clean cooking solutions

Standing tall
  • Giraffe Bioenergy is creating rural jobs by establishing large scale cassava farms involving small holder farmers. We boost rural economies, particularly benefiting women who we engage in agricultural activities, leading to increased income and improved livelihoods

We are improving health

Over a million households in Kenya are using ethanol as a primary fuel preventing premature deaths from illness attributable to the Indoor air pollution caused by the inefficient use of solid fuels and kerosene for cooking. We are enhancing a circular economy by producing ethanol from local underutilised semi-arid land. Cooking fuel for Kenyans, by Kenyans.

We are addressing climate change

Our cassava-to-ethanol cooking fuel addresses climate change by providing an affordable, sustainable renewable and cleaner alternative to traditional cooking fuels such as charcoal or firewood. 

By replacing these polluting fuels, the system reduces deforestation, decreases indoor air pollution, and lowers carbon emissions. This shift contributes to mitigating climate change, promoting sustainable cooking practices, and improving air quality for communities.

We enhance the role of women

Our cassava-to-ethanol cooking systems positively impacts the role of rural women in Africa.  Women are traditionally involved in cassava agriculture. Our formal cassava-to-ethanol system enhances their participation in the value chain, enabling them to have a greater say in decision-making processes, contributing to their socio-economic advancement and improving their overall livelihoods.

Women, who are often responsible for household cooking, can benefit from using cleaner and more efficient ethanol cooking fuel, reducing their exposure to harmful smoke and indoor air pollution.