Providing clean cooking solutions

Providing Clean Cooking Solutions

  • Giraffe Bioenergy addresses the use of inefficient cooking practices that lead to the production of high levels of household air pollution with a range of health-damaging pollutants that penetrate deep into the lungs.


Over 20,000 people a year die prematurely from illness attributable to the Indoor air pollution( IAP) caused by the inefficient use of solid fuels and kerosene for cooking.


Kenya loses 10.3 million m3 of wood from its forests every year from firewood and charcoal consumption, a major contributor to the country’s 0.3% annual deforestation rate.

Climate Change

Black Carbon emissions contribute 25 million tonne’s of CO2 eq. each year, approximately ~40% of Kenya’s total GHG emissions.


Wood and charcoal cooking leads to approximately 1 hour lost for urban women while their rural counterparts can spend over four hours considering wood collection. This is a time burden that can be avoided with efficient clean cooking fuels and stoves.