About Us

Creating rural agricultural bioeconomies

  1. Giraffe Bioenergy is a developer of rural bioeconomies producing both food and fuel.
  2. We are a driven team that believes that every Kenyan has a right to clean,
    safe, reliable and affordable cooking solution and a secure livelihood

Our Mission

To serve the clean cooking market with affordable ethanol cooking fuel substituting global imports and creating sustainable rural jobs. We recognize and leverage the central role of women in the energy value chains that we create.

Our Vision

We will transform 10,000 smallholder farmers’ livelihoods in Kenya by 2030 by building, owning and operating biorefineries in East Africa producing ethanol cooking fuel that is affordable to communities currently reliant on charcoal and kerosene.

We leverage local communities and use integrated farming and digital systems to drive our operations, delivering a positive impact to thousands of Kenyans 

Our Values

We advocate for taking immediate action toward achieving SDG 7 in Kenya. To achieve universal clean cooking by 2028, it is crucial to implement clean cooking programs and policies quickly and with integrity.

Meet Our Team



Dr. Linda Davis has over 15 years extensive experience in senior-level positions within the renewable energy sector, including conventional and cellulosic ethanol technologies and algae-based biofuels. Linda earned her undergraduate degree in Food Science and Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya. She completed her PhD in Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Western Sydney. Dr. Davis also holds certificates in Petroleum Refining, Project Management, Finance and Accounting (Stanford University).



Nick spent 25 years in Shell International setting up and running businesses in SE Asia, South Asia, East Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central and South America. Since leaving Shell in 2005 Nick has focused on the renewables sector, setting up or sitting on the Boards of biofuel and bioenergy companies in Europe, Africa and China, covering many different parts of the value chain, from growing energy crops, through to technology development companies, project development companies building and operating biofuel and bioenergy plants. In addition, he provides an advisory service to very early stage renewable sector players. He also Chairs two charity Boards working with disadvantaged young people in UK and South Africa.



Christine has a Ph.D in genetics and plant breeding from the University of Nairobi and wrote her doctoral dissertation on the development of dual resistant cultivars against cassava brown streak and cassava mosaic diseases in Kenya. Christine has extensive experience in the agricultural research sector and has worked in labs and research institutes all over Kenya. 



Theo Chiyoka is a senior agri-business expert with extensive experience in multi-cultural environments in
agriculture production, agricultural investments, value chain optimization and agricultural products marketing
in Sub Saharan Africa, West and the East Africa regionsin formal employment, consultancy in multiple disciplines
and enterprises at wide scope ranges and NGO support. Currently he is involved in farmers ́ support that ranges
from small scale starters to large multi-nationals, reputable seed and inputs supply, and development of world
class agricultural technologies. His passion is technology advancement (smart agriculture) improved efficiencies,
profitable farming and precision farming to counter climate change and Africa challenges. Theo sits on several
companies’ boards in various capacities from board chair to specialist advisory roles and member.